Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPad: Too Much Hype, Too Little to See

Looking at this oversized iPod Touch, presented yesterday by Apple (AAPL), I just don't understand, what is this about? For a computer, it's laughable, doesn't have multitasking, on-screen keyboard is a bad substitute for a real one. Networking with other computers at home is a big question. For a book reader, $499 is outrageously expensive. Add to this an interesting fact that you can only buy applications from Apple Application Store.
iPod, iPhone were revolutionary products. I don't see much use for iPad. Of course, Macheads will buy some number of devices, maybe even couple of millions, but I don't see great future for this product.
Of course, I might be wrong. I don't want an iPad, but I don't have an iPhone or a Mac either. Although my wife owns iPod Shuffle.

Full disclosure: at the time of publication author did not have any positions in AAPL. Positions can change any time.

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西瓜歌 said...
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Toby Sterling said...

Greets. A comment and two questions.

Comment: I agree with you on the iPad. Apple is due to make a misstep sooner or later and this is going to be it.

Question 1: Any new thoughts on TSCM? I don't mean it badly, just saw you had bad luck with the timing of your sale.

Question 2: Do you have any interest in Russian markets? Seems like you would have a knowledge edge there = or > to your technology knowledge.



Alex Filonov said...

Answer to Toby

1. Yes, timing on TSCM sale was a little bit off. Probably. On the other hand, stock jumped lately because company restated earnings for the 3rd quarter of 2009. Means that they improved their accounting a little bit. I still don't like management. I still think that decision to sell was right.

2. I avoid Russian markets altogether. There are too many political risks involved. Can't say I have some special knowledge there, I'm not some kind of political insider. Besides, Russian indices correlated to the price of oil, which you can trade with lesser risks.