Friday, January 22, 2010

Opening Goldman (again)

Opened Goldman Sachs (GS) today. On a sharp drop, like I did in 2008. Then I sold it for 15% gain a week later. I might do the same thing this time. Would it mean the same result for Goldman and overall market? (Goldman dropped well under 100, market (S&P) bottomed at 666).

Random musings: a week ago I was extremely bullish, but things didn't work out this way. S&P is down below 50 days moving average, but still above major downtrend which started in January 2008. On the other hand uptrend from March looks broken. Maybe mister President can keep silent about economy for a couple of trading days? Just to let markets settle down somewhat. I'm sure that last two days sell-off was purely political.
What's going on with dollar carry trade? Trillion dollar question...

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