Monday, March 23, 2009


Bravo Geithner! I don't think today's rally can be attributed to something else than toxic assets plan from Treasury Department. President's words that IRS is not to be used for punishment helps too.

And it might be a game changer. In one shot, Dow Jones crossed above 50 days MA, downtrend and Nov 20 low (more about it here). If it crosses 8000, everything is possible.

I'm staying with my long portfolio intact for now. It would be prudent to take some profits, but this rally still feels great.

What kind of window dressing are we going to see this week? Stocks might be it, but even now market is well below January levels. Although tech looks much better. And, it looks like oil is there big time. Action in oil shows big ETF participation, so it might be main window dressing material.

Gold is done. Nothing can make it go up. It looks like Indians discovered big item purchases, especially autos, and gold is going out of favor there. That might be a huge game changer for gold market. Of course, current action is more influenced by paper trading. but derivative market can't exist for long separated from real one.

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