Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jim Cramer, Genius of Self-Promotion

It's funny how mainstream media misses the point. Yes, Jim Cramer appeared on Jon Stewart show on Thursday. Yes, he was warm and fuzzy, agreed with almost everything Stewart said, commented that CNBC should be doing better job.

Mainstream media liked it. For two days in a row, there were comments on CNN, in New York Times, Washington Post and probably any other national media outfit. Everybody declared Stewart a winner.

And the real winner? Well, all media talks about Jim Cramer for two days in a row. White House press secretary decided to mention matter as well (I didn't know current administration can do such stupid things, well, you should never underestimate people's stupidity). Tell me, please, what media person wouldn't like to be mentioned in all mainstream media for two days in a row. I'll be surprised if Jim's audience wouldn't grow at least 50% soon. Because from Daily show any sensible person could make one conclusion: when Stewart was attacking, making fun of Cramer and declared by media a winner, he doesn't have any idea about investing. And Cramer knows something. That's enough to make people curious and draw their attention to Mad Money show.

Of course, Jon Stewart had his day, too. It's OK. I might even watch his show once in a while. But I watch Cramer's show every day, and will continue doing so. I can watch Stewart for laughs, but for investment ideas I'm watching Mad Money. I might agree with Jim Cramer, I might disagree, sometimes I disagree publicly in my articles. But at least he has investment ideas. As for Jon Stewart investment ideas or ideas from mainstream media, I've never seen any.

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Vinny said...

Cramer knows something, but I'm not sure that he knows what he acts like he knows.

Cramer seems to know a lot of tricks for gaming short term swings in the market while running a hedge fund. That doesn't necessarily make him a good person to listen to for long term investing advice. He knows all the lingo but he may just be shooting from the hip when it comes to picking stocks.

For not knowing anything about investing, I think Stewart hit the nail on the head quite a few times.

Alex Filonov said...

Jim Cramer knows about long term investing. I highly recommend you to read his books. Of course, he knows about trading as well, you can't run hedge fund without it.
And what investment advice can I get from Jon Stewart?