Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things That Everybody Agrees On

There is an old saying among investors: market always harms most of investors. One of the side effects of this: if everybody agrees on something, this something is probably wrong.

Below, in no particular order, things most, or all, investors are agree upon. I'm not sure that all of them are wrong, but most of them definitely are.

We are going to have high inflation in US soon.

The prices of all commodities are going up.

The price of oil is going up, way up, faster than prices of other commodities.

The price of gold is going up, up, up, name your own price ($2000 per ounce next year looks to be common assumption, although $5000 is not unheard of).

Dollar is going down against other major currencies.

US Treasuries are going down, their yields are going up.

Chinese economy stimulus package is working.

US is loosing status of the biggest manufacturing country in the world.

Stocks can't go up when economy is going down.

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