Monday, February 18, 2008

Doug Kass rocks!

I'm a reader of I read it every day, trying not to miss anything written by Great Jim. I was a fan of Weekend Linkfest by Barry Ritholtz, such a pity it disappeared from You can still read it on Barry's blog: I read every installment of Daily Blogwatch by James Altucher. But the most important author for me right now is Doug Kass.

He's a shortseller. Yeah, right. Like any good investor/trader, he is an opportunist. Everything he predicted short term this year happened (well, maybe not everything, but most of the things anyway). I think it's a time to make Doug my official trading guide for the year. Main guideline? Buy the dips and sell the rips. I was good with the first part of the advice, now it's time to use second part as well. Time to sell something when market is going up.

Maybe it makes sense to subscribe for Don't know yet...

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