Monday, May 4, 2015

Rearranging Fixed Income Portfolio

Did some thinking last week, today started acting. I don't like First Trust Strategic High Income Fund (FHY) anymore. Fund reduced distribution and started including return of capital into distribution. ROC doesn't do anything for you, just complicates your tax return. I decided to replace it with Credit Suisse High Yield Bond Fund (DHY). Distribution yield is higher, and it doesn't include ROC most of the time. Done my first trades today.

A little bit of trading history for this year. Didn't mention it before, I did some Facebook (FB) optioin selling (naked puts and covered calls). Profitable so far, even though first time covered call got exercised, second time - put. You can see those trades on my twitter account.

Full disclosure: author is long FHY, DHY, FB and short FB June puts and calls.

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