Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Time To End Piracy

That's too much. Supertanker taken by pirates is a threat to the whole civilized world. It's about time to end piracy in the Aden Straits. I've read that UN doesn't want to allow to attack pirates on the ground, because it can harm innocent people. But history tells us that if region or country becomes threat to the civilized world, you just have to take care of the problem, harming innocents in process. Afghanistan is the latest example, but there are multiple examples in history. Barbarians have to be stopped, and if you can't do it gently, so be it.

I don't care much what measures should be taken. Commandos raids, artillery or air bombardment, international occupation of Somalia and maybe parts of Yemen, doesn't matter. Piracy have to be stopped now, or it will become much bigger problem. Al Qaeda, hosted by Afghanistan under Taliban, didn't seem to be big problem, even after Cole and embassy attacks. Result is well known: 9/11. Do we really want something like this happening this time?

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